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Mental Performance

In today’s hyper focused competitive world achieving peak performance is more than reaching your peak physically. Talent and potential are realized through a combination of physical, technical, tactical, cognitive, and psychological processes.

Why Mental Performance?

Mental performance is the process aimed at fostering the growth of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, perspectives, strategies, and processes that culminate in improved performance, wellness, and personal growth. Its goal is to help you elevate your performance, maintain consistency, and flourish.

While sport and performance psychology is traditionally associated with athletes, coaches, and sporting organizations, its scope reaches far beyond the sports field. It is equally applicable to diverse high-stakes domains such as performing arts, military, law enforcement, firefighting, aviation, surgery, and executive leadership.

What Can Mental Performance & Sport Psychology Do for me?

Do You want to:

  • Develop your game?

  • Make it to the next level?

  • Perform at life?

  • Improve your wellbeing (wellness is a performance factor)

  • Improve your performance



Areas of Our Practice

  1. Athlete Wellness: Load management, mental health, personal development, life skills.

  2. Athlete Transitions: Assisting transitions into and out of high-performance sports.

  3. Elite Habit Formation: Facilitating the development of high-performance habits.

  4. Building Resilient Athletes: Encouraging resilience in athletes for overcoming challenges.

  5. Coach & Program Support: Providing assistance and support to coaches and sports programs.

  6. Developing Team Cohesion: Strengthening unity and cooperation within teams.

  7. Essential Athlete Education: Providing necessary education for athletes.

  8. Mental Skills Training: Covering athletic identity, goal setting, self-talk, routines, mental toughness, concentration, dealing with distractions, imagery/visualization, emotional management, and handling performance errors and setbacks.

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