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Athlete Wellness

What is Athlete Wellness?

Athlete wellness holistic approach to managing an athletic career. It encompasses four categories including:


Why Athlete Wellness?


By undertaking an athlete wellness program you can enhance performance, reduce injuries, improve nutrition, sleep, hydration and build and develop new and existing stress and coping skills and strategies and techniques to deal with your athletic career. 

For Athletes

Take your game to the next level by letting us assist you with your athlete wellness program: 

Load Management

  • Track and monitor load, work intensity, recovery and mental health

  • Log and monitor your nutrition

  • Build periodized strength & conditioning programs

  • Develop and track habits

  • Monitor and performance over time

  • Decrease injuries

  • Improve athlete Development


Sample Wellness dashboard



Mental Well Being / Mental Health

  • Identify mental health warning signs and symptoms

  • Stress management

  • Develop coping strategies

  • Relaxation

  • Cognitive reframing & mindfulness

Life Skills

  • Time management

  • Personal planning

  • Decision making

  • Conflict resolution

  • Health for a life time

Personal Development

  • Career counselling

  • Education planning

  • Transition to living on your own

  • How do identify & develop new skills

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What We


For Coaches

Spend more time coaching, less time managing your team by:
  • Let us monitor your team's athlete wellness program

  • Monitor athlete progress, performance, rest and recovery.

  • Assign periodized workout plans & monitor training daily

  • Build your team's mental toughness

  • Provide feedback directly to your athletes mobile phone....allows you to coach even when you are not with your athletes.

Book your 20 minute free consultation here to learn more!

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