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CMPC Mentorship

Fortitude 365 provides a mentorship program facilitated by AASP-Approved mentors geared towards individuals pursuing their CMPC certification. This collaborative partnership is designed to enrich the mentee's knowledge and professional growth within the field of applied sport psychology.

Educational themes covered in the mentorship program encompass a range of pertinent subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Psychological research and theoretical frameworks in applied sport psychology

  • Various assessment methodologies

  • Diverse intervention strategies

  • Comprehensive planning, implementation, and assessment of interventions

  • Strategies for developing and promoting a professional practice

  • Insights into the commercial aspects of sport psychology

  • Ethical considerations within the profession

  • Detailed case study analysis

Additionally, any other subjects deemed relevant and beneficial may be included in the program content as mutually agreed upon by the mentor and mentee.

Book a 20 Minute Free Intro Session to learn more about our CMPC Mentorship Services.

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